Soul Exolosion Vol.2 - Various

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Fabricante: RCA


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Soul Exolosion Vol.2 - Various ()Usado)

Lado A

A1 One Good Night Together - tHe Hues Corporation
A2 Child - The 21st Century
A3 Standing In The Back Row Of/ Your Heart -Zulema
A4 Boom Bam Bump - Freeman-nehls & The Other Brothers
A5 When you' Re Young And In Love - The Choicer Four
A6 MS. Grace - The Tymes

Lado B

B1 Love Corporantion - The Hues Corporation
B2 Will Me Make It Tonight - Carol Douglas
B3 One Way Street - Beckett Brown
B4 To Each His Own (That's My Philisophy) - Faith, Hope & Charity
B5 I Love Every Little Thing About You - White Heat
B6 Action Speaks Louder Than Words - Chocolate Milke


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