Bobby Short – Bobby Short Is Mad About Noël Coward (Álbum Duplo)

Valor: R$ 200,00

Fabricante: Atlantic

Catálogo: SD-2-607

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A1- The Younger Generation (From: Words And Music) 1:42
A2- Medley: You Were There / Then (From: To-night At Eight-thirty: Shadow Play) 4:38
A3- Matelot (From: Sigh No More) 4:13
A4- A Room With A View (From: This Year Of Grace) 2:44
A5- Nina (From: Sigh No More) 4:00

B1- Any Little Fish (From: Cochran's 1931 Revue) 2:53
B2- World Weary (From: This Year Of Grace) 3:43
B3- We Were Dancing (From: To-night At Eight-thirty: We Were Dancing) 2:29
B4- Never Again (From: Set To Music And Sigh No More) 2:22
B5- Josephine (From: Ace Of Clubs) 2:20

C1- If Love Were All (From: Bitter Sweet) 3:37
C2- Let's Fly Away 3:39
C3- Something To Do With Spring (From: Words And Music) 2:44
C4- Someday I'll Find You (From: Private Lives) 3:39
C5- Imagine The Duchess's Feelings 2:14

D1- Poor Little Rich Girl (From: On With The Dance) 3:15 Medley (3:01)
D2a- Where Are The Songs We Sung? (From: Operette)
D2b- Dear Little Cafe (From: Bitter Sweet)
D2c- Hearts And Flowers (From: To-night At Eight-thirty; Family Album)
D3- Wait A Bit, Joe (From: Sigh No More) 2:44
D4- I Travel Alone 2:28
D5- I'll See You Again (From: Bitter Sweet) 1:50

Informação Técnica

Atlantic – SD 2-607
2 x Vinil, LP, Álbum, Estéreo
Jazz, Pop, Stage & Screen
Vocal, Musical
Capa: G+
Mídia: VG

Capa com leve desgastes nas bordas, leve marca de ring e fita adesivana borda inferior.
Ao abrir a capa, tem uma dedicatória em caneta.
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